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Soulful transformation
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Wellness ⟡ Growth ⟡ Creativity


Who will you become?

Sometimes we crave change. Forward momentum to tap into more of our full potential and feel alive. Perhaps you need more creative expression in your life, or maybe you're levelling-up your health and spirituality. Ready for action? It's you who's in the driver's seat, but it's my great pleasure to be your facilitator and guide.

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Study Group


Nourish body, mind and soul with Transformational Breath®, an evidence-based therapy with ancient roots and an exciting future. There's no doubt about it, breathwork is taking the world by storm.


Join an event or book a 1-to-1.

Beginner to Composer
in 14 Days

Love music? Feeling creative? This fun, foolproof and beautifully illustrated book will show you how to compose your very own piano piece - even if you've never played a single note before.


Roll over Beethoven.

What could you teach
in 14 days?

I partner with certified experts in creative and therapeutic fields to create unique 14 day courses, presented in premium books and e-books. From personal style and poetry, to therapeutic writing and EFT, I welcome a range of ideas from entrepreneurs looking to grow their audience via Amazon and Kindle Books.

Could we be a match?

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