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Soulful transformation
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Breathwork ⟡ Personal growth ⟡ Creative reconnection

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Living your best life is an inside job...

...and it usually starts with identifying what you've had enough of. For me, it was poor mental health and a cookie-cutter lifestyle. So I started making changes. Big ones. Like switching up my career and getting in touch with my artistic side, in particular making music and writing. I also discovered conscious connected breathwork and coaching, which led me to truly prioritise self-care for the very first time. Today I love sharing the tools and insights that have helped me the most, with anyone feeling the call to shed their old skin, and transform their life.

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  • Conscious connected breath

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  • Vegal nerve breathing for instant calm

  • 23 ways to take charge of your mental health

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Transformational Breath®

Writing by the Water

Personal growth

Playing the Piano

Beginner to Composer
In 14 Days

Nourish your physical, mental and spiritual health with a powerful form of conscious connected breathing called Transformational Breath®. My workshops are relaxed, friendly, and suitable for complete beginners. Or try a 1-to-1 to go deeper.

My blog is where I share the soulful self-help tools I swear by, like breathwork and mindset techniques. It's also home to 'Confessions From A Woman In Wellness', humorous slices of life that tell the unvarnished truth about my own journey - now with videos too!

One of my most treasured creative outlets is making music. It might be yours too. Never played before? No problem. This fun, foolproof book by me and Ben Spooner will show you how to compose your very own piano piece, step by baby step.

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Apt. 32, 25 Dorset Gardens, Brighton, BN2 1GS. UK

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