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Piano Lesson

Beginner To Composer

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON SEPT 2023 | 'Beginner To Composer In 14 Days' by Ben & Hayley Jade Spooner is delightfully different. Moving swiftly from theory to action, Ben emerges as the teacher you always wished you’d had, championing radical creative freedom, improvisation and composition - even for beginners. Especially for beginners in fact. “Students need freedom to truly fall in love with their instrument” he writes, “frameworks that pique their curiosity over and over again so that practice becomes play”. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have a little knowledge up your sleeve, you’ll adore this dynamic and intimate guide to learning the piano, peppered with evocative vignettes of a life lived with music at its heart. Best of all, you’ll come away with a method you can use time and time again to create your very own music, captured on professional quality lead sheets you can share with other musicians. Suitable for adults.


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