Green and Pine

We went to the forest together alone to be till, to get older and new...


In 2020 a new electro-pop folk/jazz collaboration was born, with producer/composer Sponn. In 2021 we invited visual artist Kathryn Davies to creatively interpret our first three tracks. Her creative exploration is here in our digital gallery. We hope this will be the first of many mixed-media collaborations to come.


Green and Pine collaborations

Green and Pine love to collaborate with visual artists, inviting them to discover and interpret our music and lyrical themes. Our collaborators explorations can all be found here in our digital gallery hosted on Flickr.

Hayley Jade

(Formerly Hayley Cannon)

My debut album Who Are You? was inspired by diaries capturing the bonds and relationships that shaped my twenties. This was my intimate exploration of identity, attachment, longing and finding.

"Sometimes choral, sometimes serene and brimming with personal wanderings. Who Are You? feels, on occasion, naked. Raw yet perfectly produced. Touching, intimate, yet wholly sensational." - Circuit Sweet

Introduced by Tom Robinson for BBC6Music

"Honest and exposing" - The Roundhouse

"One to watch" - The Guardian​

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