Pregnancy & little ones

Pregnancy & newborns

Transformational Breath® is a wonderful tool for women in labour, similar to the grounding and comforting techniques taught in Hypnobirthing. Booking a series of sessions prior to your due date gives you an opportunity to release some of the anxiety you might have about giving birth and get used to the breathing pattern that will help you feel calmer and more empowered during contractions.


An adapted form of Transformational Breath® can also be given to babies to clear birth trauma. Even the smoothest of births can be experienced as traumatic to newborns, as they transition from the darkness to bright light or have their cord cut before they’re fully ready to take their first breath. Trauma is stored in the body but can easily, gently be released by breathing together with baby whilst holding acupressure points on baby's tummy. It is always such a joy to teach parents how they can practice Transformational Breath® with their little ones independently at home, to support the recovery of Mum and baby, and promote bonding and relaxation.

All appointments with mums-to-be & babies are in-person.


Familiarising children with Transformational Breath® is a fantastic way to build awareness of their breath, emotions and how the two are connected. You are never too young to learn how to tune in to feelings, accept and release them in a safe and healthy way. A breath session is also an opportunity for a child to 'just be', free from the pressures of family life and school, with no need to achieve any particular outcome. Some rejuvenating downtime away from hectic schedules and screens.​ Sessions are tailored to each child's age and stage of development - like using play to help them focus on their breath.

All appointments with children are in-person.

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