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Ghost writing

Example | Throw It Down For Piano

I love helping artists, entrepreneurs and personalities tell their story. Ben Spooner's book Throw It Down is part method, part memoir. An intimate guide to creating your very own piano compositions is unlike anything else around. Peppered with evocative vignettes of a life lived with music at its heart, composer Ben Spooner emerges as the teacher you always wished you’d had. An authoritative voice, blending theory with lessons from the school of life. If there’s one thing he wants you to know it’s that learning an instrument is a gift you give yourself and that his book is the perfect companion for the road.

Available soon as a book and digital experience.

Speech writing

Example | Answering Our Industry's Most Important Distress Call

Is the Maritime industry really doing enough to protect the lives of the millions of people out at sea? Ronald Spithout, Inmarsat's President of the Maritime Business Unit, believes there is much more that could and should be done. From faster digitalisation of shipping, to a radical shift in industry culture and protocol; it's all here in this TED Talk style interview written for Ronald for London International Shipping Week.

Video production - Ogilvy.

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Content writing

Articles ⟡ Online content ⟡ Emails & more...

Example | Transformational Breath Foundation newsletters

The Transformational Breath Foundation is a leading edge training provider, accrediting healthcare professionals in the science and art of breathwork in 54 countries across six different continents. I create their newsletters, read by thousands of TBF members worldwide.

Other clients -

  • Amanda Tizard, Bodyworker | The Times, The Evening Standard, Conde Nast Traveller

  • Becky Crepsley-Fox, Relationship Therapist | Huff Post, Time Out, The Sunday Times

  • Live4Dance | Dance School of the Year Winner 2019

  • Women for Justice e.V.

Press releases

Example | TwoGenerations

TwoGenerations (BBC, Evening Standard, The Times) reduce loneliness and tackle the housing crisis head on by matching older people with a spare room, with young homesharers who provide company and a helping hand around the house. A carefully crafted press release, addressing the impact of the global pandemic on social isolation, led to this Sky News Interview with the Co-Founder of TwoGenerations .